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ISBN: 9780307393555
144 pages • Softcover

The ultimate reference for knitters who are eager to bring richer, more complex color to their projects, including vital lessons on color theory as well as 25 inspiring garments.

In The Alchemy of Color Knitting, Gina Wilde, creative director of Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, unlocks the secrets of color theory for knitters. An acclaimed teacher on the topic of color and transformation, Gina is uniquely able to shed light on color theory as it applies to knitting–her knowledge is both authoritative and informed by an artist’s eye.

The Alchemy of Color Knitting begins with a concise, complete description of the fundamentals of color theory, outlining the basics of the color wheel and color relationships. Knitters can easily brush up on the essence of color theory–which colors are primary, secondary, and tertiary, for example–and the relationships among those colors. From complements and split complements to elegant arrangements of analogous hues, all color relationships are explained from a knitter’s point of view. Additionally, the central concepts of hue, value, and intensity are discussed–the subtle (and often not-so-subtle) shifts of color that can be used in a knitted garment to gorgeous effect.

What’s more, in The Alchemy of Color Knitting Gina delves deeply into the ideas of color and meaning. Choosing just the right color for a given project is a ritual for knitters that should be savored, but sometimes is fraught with anxiety. Gina helps liberate knitters to think creatively in their color choices by considering a color’s origins, lore, and myriad meanings.

Inside, knitters will find 25 patterns for show-stopping garments that cover a variety of skill levels, from beginner to experienced. A brief “color exercise” description before each pattern explains which color relationships are illustrated in that particular garment. But make no mistake–with the lessons of The Alchemy of Color Knitting in hand, a knitter’s possibilities of color choice are truly endless.

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ISBN: 9780980105711
112 pages • Hardcover

Lost & Found features Alchemy Yarns’ natural fibers: Migrations, Sanctuary, & Synchronicity. Over 20 innovative designs can be made from these exquisite yarns of distinct color, varying weights & luxurious fiber content.

The Alchemy Lost & Found pattern collection runs the gamut from quick low-yardage projects to classic heirloom knits. All the pieces explore the joy of color & texture, including a number of fun scarves, cool hats, and dynamic accessories, in addition to some of our most popular sweaters, with one chapter devoted to the exciting art of shibori felting. The collection presents a gorgeous palette of custom-dyed yarns, as well as celebrates our inimitable hand-paint fiber.

Grounded in the theme of reclamation, the book is far more than a collection of knit patterns. Accentuated with a unique graphic perspective and luxurious styling, Lost & Found is an original & inspirational knit book.



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ISBN: 9780307393548
128 pages • Hardcover

An ancient Japanese art dating to at least the eighth century CE, shibori has many interpretations. Though there is no direct translation of the word to English, shibori essentially denotes a shaped-resist textile, and is commonly associated with weaving and dyeing fiber. The world of shibori knitting is vast and relatively unexplored.

Shibori Knits highlights the intersection between shibori and knitting, offering 20 patterns that utilize this transformative technique. Internationally acclaimed knitwear designer Gina Wilde guides knitters through three dynamic ways to add shibori to knitting. The first method uses physical resists (marbles or corks) that prevent specific areas of knitting from felting; where there are no resists, the garment does felt, creating unique fabric with bobbles and dimensionality. Another method uses nonfelting fibers as resists—for instance, a silk yarn knit with a wool yarn—to create windowpane effects or even mimic woven strips of fabric when felted. The third method creates ruffles and spirals when the fibers are worked in more than one direction; when felted, the work will shrink differently in the alternate directions. The textures created from each method offer a unique way to redefine felting and bring the beautiful and unexpected world of shibori to the knitter.

Knitters of every skill can explore this exciting method of creating art out of knitting. With detailed information on fibers and their shibori potential, a primer on technical felting concepts, and a thorough resource guide, Shibori Knits shows knitters how to create colorful, sculptural, and delicate projects, transforming knitting into something new.

Editorial Reviews

"An inspired and thoughtfully assembled collection of projects that redefine our entire notion of 'felt,' combining the fluid and firm, sculptural and wearable. The results are, indeed, exquisite."
  —Clara Parkes, author of The Knitter's Book of Yarn and Editor of knittersreview.com

"With Shibori Knits Gina has cast her unique creative genius to the exciting and innovative fusion of knitting with the ancient craft of shibori and she has created knitting gold."
  —Erika Knight, author of Classic Knits at Home and Glamour Knits at Home

"The colors of Alchemy's yarns vibrate in their own glory throughout this charming, elegant, and intriguing book that explores new frontiers in knitting."
   —Brandon Mably, Kaffe Fassett studio

"At the intersection of knitting and felting lies shibori, and who better to present this technique and the gorgeous, sculptural results it yields than Gina Wilde, fiber artist extraordinaire."
   —Debbie Stoller, author of the Stitch 'n Bitch series of books

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ISBN: 9780980105704
80 pages • Hardcover

This is a knit trip — a textile travel adventure for the discriminating fiber artist. Your journey will take you to the land of exquisite hand paint luxury yarn, where extraordinary natural fiber meets authentically artistic color. In this dynamic collection we offer 20 unique adventures through lands of sensational color and texture, focusing on three of Alchemy's internationally-renowned fibers — Haiku, Silken Straw, and Silk Purse. Guided by pattern maps that ensure individual success, this collection of Alchemy original designs will take you to exotic knitting destinations, with the thrill only knit travel can provide. Relax, sit back and remember: it's not just a destination. It's a journey to ports of creativity, luxury, and the world of Alchemy.



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