"If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace."~ Thich Nhat Hanh
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  Cambodian Do-Good-Rag

Hand painted silk headscarf

Gina wearing Do-Good-Rag on river in Cambodia Gina Wilde sports a DO*good*RAG
while playing guitar on Lake Kamping Puy
Limited Edition:
100 scarves for Cambodian Relief

100% of profit goes IMMEDIATELY for relief to The Lotus Center, Kamping Puy and Battambang, Cambodia.

As many of my friends and family know, in association with Alchemy Yarns, I have been working in South East Asia for the last several months on a Fair Trade/Human Rights Relief program centered in textiles. In particular, I’ve recently returned from a work/stay in Cambodia. Collaborating with the talented Joel Woodcock of Lantern Moon, as well as an extraordinary French partner from Samatoa Studio, based in Siem Reap, my partners and I have been creating work and education programs for an impoverished population (in particular around the great lake of Kamping Puy). 

The work we are doing there is a reflection of everything I believe in —facilitating human rights and healing through the arts, working in collaboration with like minded individuals from around the world, and embracing the truth that says: we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Joel Woodcock shares his fine Lantern Moon needles and his knit

Lotus Center friends learn to knit and crochet

Gathering raw materials for spinning yarn on the Lake

Village children gather to watch Gina, Joel, and the Louts Team make yarn
Gina knits in the harvest boat, with partner Awen Delaval in the background

Though our production of exotic fiber is coming along, as well as our development of woven, knit and other exquisite handmade goods, we have been hit back to back with two tragedies since my return in late September from Cambodia.

On 10/7/11, our dear colleague and Lotus Center employee Sophea was killed, after suffering an attack by a spitting cobra. The cost for effective anti-venom is a very small sum of money by Western standards (about $40 US) but far out of reach of most Cambodian families. Sophea was only 22 years old, and was the most accomplished spinner, knitter and otherwise amazing fiber artist on our Lotus Team. She was struck down while bringing in her family’s cows for the evening. Led by Joel, we have since begun development of an education center, teaching the locals about venomous snakebites, and we plan to keep effective treatment, including anti-venom and a suction kit, at our studios so that all the people of Kamping Puy may benefit.

Sadly, I learned this morning of terrible flooding in Kamping Puy, and our lovely studios there are currently underwater, devastating not only our employees but also most farmers in the region. We will rebuild the studio a bit closer in to the town of Battambang, so that we can continue providing meaningful work for the population we’ve been serving at Kamping Puy. In light of these difficult circumstances, we are upping our efforts to give immediate relief support to the Lotus Center.

I have hand-painted a limited number of 100% silk headscarves, and they are for sale from Alchemy for $25 (including shipping). The silk scarves are sewn in Siem Reap, in a beautiful studio collective near the river in this lovely town. The Samatoa studio is bright, happy and full of beautiful (all women!) energy — it is a proud model of the best working conditions, fair pay, and good intentions.

Please know I will custom paint ANY color you desire — call (707.823.3276) or write us (alchemyyarns@pacbell.net); or you can select from our palette offerings of FIRE * WATER * EARTH * AIR * METAL and trust me to make something beautiful for you or your loved one.

You get the idea —we need you.  Cambodia needs you.
So give us a holler on the Alchemy line.  We’ll make you glad you did.

All best blessings,

Gina Wilde
President, Creative/Artistic Director
Alchemy Yarns



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