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New for 2015!
We have 15 exquisite new colors now available, as well as an amazing new yarn, Twig; and an innovative collection of spring knitwear design.

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Did you know Alchemy creates a line of luxury ready-to-wear accessories?  Our brand “Underpinnings” is flourishing, offering silk leggings, exquisite silk slips, and unique silk scarves, all hand-painted.
Stay tuned for a full range of underpinnings silk accessories, and a list of retailers who carry these special ready to wear lovingly crafted products.

Cambodian "Do-Good-Rags" (silk head scarves for Cambodian Relief)

What an incredible response we’ve had from the Alchemy audience in support of our “Do Good” silk scarves.  Alchemy offers our deepest gratitude to those of you who have contributed to our emergency relief campaign to support a very special village in Cambodia, where Alchemy’s Creative Director Gina Wilde has been developing work centered in indigenous textiles. Lotus Gina recently returned from Lake Kamping Puy, where she was able to donate in person monies raised for The Lotus Center relief. She and her colleagues met with the village chief, and a decision was made to dedicate the scarf proceeds to helping local families grow lotus. We leased hectors of water and began planting new lotus, which was then given to several families to cultivate as their own crop, using every part of the plant, some of which is edible and some of which can be spun into yarn. Through the generous contributions of our Alchemy audience, we are helping the people of this beautiful village navigate toward a sustainable livelihood, keeping the family structure intact and providing much-needed jobs.

To learn more about our work, click here.
Our silk scarves are still available, and Gina will continue to paint them in any Alchemy colors – so give us a ring or drop a line if you would like to support our continued campaign to serve the community of Lake Kamping Puy, Cambodia.

From everyone at Alchemy Yarns, our most sincere thank you for making a true difference.

Cambodian DoGoodRag
Gina Wilde wearing DoGoodRag on river in Cambodia
Hand-Painted Silk Headscarf
Limited Edition: 100 scarves for Cambodian Relief. 100% of profit goes IMMEDIATELY for relief to The Lotus Center, Kamping Puy and Battambang, Cambodia. Read More [Please!]


NEW SEMI-SOLIDS for 2015 — "Crown Jewels of Alchemy"
— Each Element color is available in all Alchemy yarn types. (Click each color for details).


2015 Crown Jewels of Alchemy

NEW 2015 YARN!

TWIG —76% Silk, 24% Linen
Twig 2015


2014 SEMI-SOLIDS — "Garden of Earthly Delights"
— Each Element color is available in all Alchemy yarn types. (Click each color for details).


2014 Garden of Earthly Delights Palette

2014 YARNS

LUST —30% Silk, 70% Wool
Lust 2014

SPARKY —97% Silk, 3% Polyester
Sparky 2014


We have extraordinary new designs available! Please visit Gina Wilde's Ravelry patterns to find the newest designs in Alchemy Yarns.

Simple Shibori Cowl

Alchemy’s Simple Shibori Cowl blends two glorious yarns to a magic effect. One fiber felts while the other relaxes and flows, resulting in a dramatic rippled cowl.

For mor information or to order, visit our Ravelry page for Simple Shibori Cowl.



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We are working on a solution to offer at least a portion of our single patterns as free downloads. While we work out those bugs, please feel free to download (for free!): The Ethereal Cowl

Download Ethereal Cowl
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